Collection System

Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling organises on behalf of her participants the collection of solar panels and related electronics. This is with the help of the expanded network of collection points.

Inzameling van zonnepanelen

Inzameling van zonnepanelen
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Every participant of ZRN is also a collection point. At these companies installers and individuals can hand over old solar panels for free.

Periodic ZRN organises a transport from collection points to sorting centre. There the materials are seperated from each other, so that every waste stream can undergo its own processing.

Here you can find a collection point nearby.

Deprecated solar panels of business projects which are delivered bij ZRN participants are taken in for free also. If it concers a large project - for example damage after a storm - then ZRN organises a direct transport to the sorting centre for this.

Here you can read how the recycling works.