Recycling of solar panels are in their infancy. Yet we can reclaim a lot of the materials and use them again

Recycling zonnepanelen

Recycling zonnepanelen
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With the current state of technic we can reuse several materials of the solar panels.

  • Glass: this is useable in secundary glassindustry, for example for glass wool as isolation material
  • Metals: copper from cabling en aluminium from the frames. By seperating this and reusing elsewhere, we limit the delving of these scarce materials.

Other materials will be seperated and disposed in a safe way; technic develops quickly. In the future, we expect to find more and better ways for reuse.In that way is on the long run recycling of a solar panel possible for over 95%.

To be able to do this it's important that old solar panels are collected correctly. Here you can read how you can easily recycle your old solar panels.