Guarantee fund governance

ZRN consults the market about the governance of the guarantee fund.

The WEEE directive requires producers to provide a guarantee to ensure their products will be properly treated when they become waste. ZRN consulted the market about the applicable framework such a guarantee should fit into. It was confirmed that a limited guarantee fund was required.

Of course, this fund requires proper management. Therefore, ZRN consults the market again. This time the consultation is to provide feedback on the suggested governance and setup of the guarantee fund.

Follow up on feedback

ZRN shall collect all received feedback. The feedback will be used as a basis for the advice foundation ZRN provides to foundation OPEN. Foundation OPEN will thereafter implement the guarantee fund. In setting up the fund, foundation OPEN will apply several boundary conditions; not only market feedback, but also legal and fiscal constraints must be considered. Especially the fiscal requirements will be relevant, as these requirements define under what circumstances the payment of tax on the received deposits can be avoided.


The concept framework drafted by ZRN is shown on this website. The concept has been verified with the market during the solar solutions 2023, where an open session allowed all visitors of the fair an opportunity to provide feedback. The concept has also been published on this site as of August 29th 2023. Organizations that weren't able to attend the solar solutions can provide their feedback based on this information. Feedback can be sent to The consultation term ends September 26th. Feedback received prior to this date will be processed.  All feedback will be used to define the recommended governance to foundation OPEN. This recommendation will again be published on this website.

There is a possibility to formally object to the recommended governance for organizations that provided timely feedback. The term for formal objections 4 weeks after publication of advice of ZRN. After this objection term the advice on governance is deemed to be definite, and handed over to foundation OPEN.

The concept framework

An overview of the concept framework can be found here.