Recycling charges visible as of July 1st 2023

Recycling charge a separate invoice line 

As of July 1st The recycling charge will go up to € 0,04/kg as of July 1st . More on the background of this price increase can be found here.

Now it has also been agreed with the ministry of I&W and the ministry of EZK to allow manufacturers and importers of solar modules to add the recycling rate as a separate invoice line to their customers. This was a request of the solar industry.

A visible recycling charge will allow for a transparent and fair competition, without having  negative effects on product prices.   

Visible recycling charges as of July 1st 2023

Up untill now, the recycling charges were included in the price of solar modules to the customer. This meant that the customer wasn’t able to detect if recycling charges were indeed paid for. This meant that modules for which no recycling charges were paid for were cheaper than the modules that didn’t evade the charges. Of course, unless the importer corrected for this price difference by lowering his margin.

As of July 1st importer will add the recycling charge on a separate invoice line to their customers (nett weight in kg x 4 cents/kg). This will prevent the current situation where importers pay for recycling charges at the expense of their margins.

It also allows for more effective enforcement of the recycling legislation. The system of the visible charges is effective throughout the value chain. Installers can also add the recycling charges as a separate line on their invoices. This implies one recycling charge applies for everyone in the Dutch industry, creating a level playing field.

More information as well as a set of frequently asked questions can be found at the site of foundation OPEN.