About ZRN

The Solar Energy Recycling Netherlands Foundation (ZRN) was founded in 2015 to support producers and importers of solar panels in their recycling obligations. For years we did this through servicing these obligations for you. Since 1 March 2021, the OPEN Foundation arranges the collection and recycling compliance. 

As we believe that we can create a level playing field for all producers in the solar energy sector, ZRN co-initiated the founding of the OPEN Foundation. Our goal in doing so is to rule out unfair competition.

Your interests are in good hands

The OPEN Foundation takes a lot of work out of your hands. It is run by a strong Board that represents all the different relevant sectors. We believe that it is important that your voice is clearly heard in the Board, and to this end, we started representing your interests at the OPEN Foundation on 1 March 2021. This involves the following.

  • We appoint a member who has the recycling obligations of solar panels in his/her portfolio to the OPEN Foundation’s Board.
  • The ZRN Board acts as advisor to the appointed Board Member at the OPEN Foundation. ZRN’s Board consists of producers that represent the various interests of the solar energy sector. These ZRN Board Members are authorised to appoint, advise and, if necessary, dismiss the appointed OPEN Foundation Board Member.
  • As a producer of solar panels, you can join ZRN free of charge. Members have a say in the appointment of ZRN’s board members, who in turn select the OPEN Foundation Board Member. All producers also have the right to issue advice to the ZRN Board, thereby co-determining the direction ZRN takes and their interests in the OPEN Foundation.

Join ZRN free of charge

ZRN represents all producers and importers that put solar panels on the Dutch market. You are welcome to become an affiliate at no extra cost.

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