Richte Doggenaar

Richte Doggenaar

Richte Doggenaar is the owner of RDO Support. He is also the Treasurer of ZRN and of the Solar Authorized Representative (SAR).

On the PV market since 2011

Richte graduated in business administration and mechanical engineering. After working in various management positions in the international automotive sector for about 30 years, Richte started work as an independent installation company on the PV market at the end of 2011. Between 2014 and 2017, he was partner and Chief Technology Officer of 3XL SolarSolutions BV wholesaler. 

After that, he started operating under the name RDO Support and was involved as an independent advisor and project manager of PV systems design for various projects in the solar energy sector. Until the OPEN Foundation was founded, Richte was responsible for the collection and recycling operation of waste materials within ZRN.  

Co-founder and Treasurer of ZRN

Richte was involved in ZRN right from the start and is now the Treasurer. His goal is to make it as efficient as possible for PV producers on the Dutch market to comply with the WEEE directive. He also works on enabling the sector to take responsibility in the areas of sustainability and recycling.

He is happy that, since March 2021, the OPEN Foundation is building on ZRN’s work. “The founding of the OPEN Foundation and the General Binding Statement mean that a level playing field can be created for all producers in the entire Dutch PV market. The costs and responsibilities are shared with all producers and collaboration with the OPEN Foundation brings economies of scale and opportunities for innovation.”

Role of ZRN

With the founding of the OPEN Foundation, ZRN is taking on a new role as the advocate of all PV producers in the Netherlands. Richte sees it has his task to manage the finances correctly, recruit new stakeholders and stimulate collaboration within the OPEN Foundation. He also believes it important to continue working on improving the collection and recycling of solar panels.