WEEE obligations

As a producer of solar panels in the Netherlands, you are required to comply with the regeling afgedankte elektrische en elektronische apparatuur (AEEA), the national legislation that falls under the European Commission’s Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. 

This directive makes it mandatory to have a Producer Responsibility and it covers any company that first puts solar panels on the Dutch market. Check our infographic to see if this applies to you.

Producer Responsibility

Your Producer Responsibility entails the following obligations.

  • You are required to register your company for the Dutch market.
  • You are required to register the weight of the solar panels and other electronics that you put on the market every year. This is called the Put on Market (POM).
  • You must arrange the collection of your ‘waste’ for recycling. Waste is understood to be the discarded solar panels that you have put on the market.
  • You must have a financial scheme in place that guarantees sufficient money to recycle your waste.

The OPEN Foundation has fulfilled these obligations on your behalf since 1 March 2021. This has several advantages.