Jan-Willem Jehee

Jan-Willem Jehee

Jan-Willem Jehee is an advisor and owner of Bezonnen Energie. He provides general organisational support to ZRN’s Board.

In the sector since 2002

Jan-Willem is an astronomer and has a business background. He has worked in the solar energy sector with passion and pleasure since 2002. His drive is to bring the sector to the next level. He thus contributed to the first developments of ‘remote monitoring’, the construction of the first MWp projects, and the first Performance Ratio contracts. He has worked through his own company, Bezonnen Energie, since 2013.

The ‘organiser’ of ZRN from the start

Jan-Willem has been involved with ZRN from its founding. He is responsible for the policymaking and the organisation. He also plays a hands-on role in ZRN’s advocacy role. 

He was highly involved with the founding of the OPEN Foundation and says that “The OPEN Foundation can be very meaningful for the solar sector. We are well on the way to creating a level playing field, collection is becoming easier, and we can now work on a pragmatic solution for a financial scheme for recycling solar waste in the future. Thanks to ZRN, the solar sector itself now has a strong voice and influence in the OPEN Foundation. This is highly necessary if you think about the millions of solar panels that are installed every year.”

Contact point

Jan-Willem is the first point of contact for the sector in ZRN. He invites anyone who has questions or comments to contact him.